They're married.

A smell of lilies filled the room.


Everyone has his own treasure.


It is new.

In the first place, we must be careful about what we eat and drink.

The committee decided not to decide anything.

This phrase seems correct to me.

About how many hours does it take by car?

Who caught Kenn?

Look at me when I'm talking to you!

Tell Lorien where he should go.

You have done what you needed to do.

What was in that package?

This is morally wrong.

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You don't need to tell Josip everything.

It is the most important aspect of our lives for a very simple, logical reason, namely, it's a necessary condition on anything being important in our lives that we're conscious.

Vic sided with his mother.

I'll be at Kay's.

To begin with, this is a lie.

Time for a hot bath, and then it's bedtime.

If it rains, the excursion will be called off.

You really seem to like beer.

I know you're still mad at me.

I stayed in Japan only a few months.

Casey will never be able to do it by himself.

How is this my problem?

I felt my heart beating wildly.


I love that scarf.

Dawson put on his gloves.

It was a good idea to create Tatoeba.

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Who is hungry?

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We're not free yet.

Matt angrily rattled the locked door.

Are your parents still living?


She texted her girlfriend.

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It was ordered that the classroom be put in order.

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Tell him to help me.


We musn't joke around with love.

Vince nodded once.

There are a lot of eggs in the basket.

That's an ugly tie.

Am I supposed to be impressed?

Even if it takes me the whole day, I will do the typing.

The horse had to be broken in before it could be ridden.

Toerless wanted to switch her gender with Gordon's, but Mitchell wanted hirs to remain neutral.

Hope is not lost.

Trying heard someone tapping on his window.

My English is not good enough to explain my trouble.

Mr White is about my age.

Sigurd doesn't like Thuan telling him what to do.

The same sentence could have the force of a command.

Christofer wondered why Teriann had written his name on the back cover of her notebook.

I've never seen Anthony with that woman before.

His claim is really the same as the one Benson proposed in Entrepreneurs.

Tracy wouldn't stop.

Douglas is an outlaw.


Rio isn't the safest city in the world.


The sun was hidden in the moon's shadow.

The small dog Laike is not the only animal to have gone in space

Debbie doesn't study much, but he still does very well at school.


When was the last time you saw that cat?

It is sad not to be loved, but it is much sadder not to be able to love.

Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.

Kevan uses the same dictionary as I do.

We need to control the river to build the dam.


Ramon and Clyde are playing poker.

Mother insists that we should be home by seven in the evening.

I have never had more than $500 in my possession.


The rumor turned out to be groundless.

I don't like both of them.

They demanded that the mayor should resign.

If you were them, what would you do? If they were you, what would they do?

The school searched the students' lockers.

I think she likes him.

Why am I laughing?

Stop talking about the game.

People often laud Christopher Columbus for all the lands that he discovered, but most are completely unaware of his numerous under-the-sea discoveries.


Are you the mayor?

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Are you going to be there for a while?


I see your house.

It's not a holiday.

We've talked about that a lot.


Twitter loves open source.


The dragon is one of the cultural emblems of China.

Please mail this letter the next time you go to the post office.

That's really a great idea.


Kolkka is back from his trip.

He was happy in the bosom of his family.

Heather needs to lay low.

They used a high-speed camera.

Elliott can't get Matthew to stop.

Kit's was the first name on the list of persons of interest after Natraj's murder.

My camera is much better than yours.


I always arrive a little ahead of time.

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Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to see the castle.

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The only thing that matters is what you do today, yesterday is gone.

A bookstore in that location wouldn't make enough money to survive.

You really should stay.


Thank you to all the veterans who have served this country.

I took it for granted that he would succeed.

I just changed my password.

I am learning Quechua.

Griff was bald.


We will be able to build farms and create fields there.

For code type locks that don't need a key there are 'free dial' systems where you can set any number you like and fixed types where the number is set in advance.

Can I open my eyes now?

Was I really boring?

Why didn't you think of that?


Jaime has the respect of everyone here.

After introductory explanations, we entered a seminar room where we were not only informed about Chinese natural medicine, but also had it demonstrated to us in practice.

Piet isn't making any sense.

He centered his business on the metropolitan area.

Sumo wrestling is a traditional Japanese sport.

Ruth is alone in the kitchen.

The boys have ruined the radio.

Walter pointed to the living room.

In the polls, both parties are on par.


I grew up in this small town.


I didn't donate blood.


I wish I'd slept last night.

You can't make me love you.

Bret reads the paper every morning.

We're aware of the risks.

Rainer was talking about the delicious food they had eaten on their trip.

Malaclypse also runs a well-known website.

After dinner, George's dad took him aside.

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I decided to try again.


She received four e-mails.

I told him not to come here.

Jane stood up and clapped.

For the thousandth time, I don't need your help.

Window or aisle?


I hadn't thought about that.


Dimitry said he'd only be gone for a few days.

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No picture can do justice to the scene.

May I close the window?

I would like to learn standard English.

I'm a free man, Dan.

Lawrence can't afford bail.

Becoming rich is the opposite of becoming poor.

The first victim was one of my best friends and his loss caused me a great deal of grief; the second victim was merely a German.

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Ken decided on going abroad.

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He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

I'm still not happy about it.

He is popular with the people at large.


Oh, no! My passport is gone!


I never found my keys.

Please give me a cupful of rice.

I loved the book.


I noticed that I had grown up when I started following my parents' advice.


Kimberly is open and trusting.

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I'll run it by him.

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He was regarded as a hero for saving his friend's life.

Japan is not as large as Canada.

John is sure to succeed his father in the company.

Her husband is usually drunk.

I can't ever be what you were.